Official Translation

A “sworn” or “certified” translation* is one completed by a translator who has received accreditation from a court of law, allowing him or her to stamp the completed translation with a certification seal.

By placing this seal on the translation, the translator certifies that it conforms to the original document. The validity of this seal is recognized before other courts and government bodies in France and abroad.

Sworn translations are generally needed for official documents such as judgments, administrative papers (driver’s licenses, personal identification documents, death certificates), diplomas or any document that could be falsified during translation to deceive a foreign administration.

Not just anyone can become a sworn translator. Candidates must submit an application to their local court or court of appeal, and must  obtain a separate certification for each language in which they want to provide sworn translations.

The translator applies a special seal or stamp on the sworn translation along with his or her signature and the date. The original document is also stamped, signed and dated, and attached to the translation.

primoscrib offers sworn translations in every language combination through its network of specialized translators certified in courts across Europe and the world.

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*Note that this information describes the French system (the UK and the US, for example, do not have “sworn” translators). Nonetheless, a sworn translation from primoscrib will satisfy the requirements of any foreign agency  requesting a sworn or certified translation.