Confidentiality & Security

All documents that we handle remain strictly confidential.

primoscrib is committed to respecting the confidential nature of all information that comes across our desks through the business relations we have with our clients. We are willing to sign confidentiality agreements with our clients upon request.

Moreover, we use a secure file-sharing platform for all document exchanges with our clients, partners and service providers. Our clients have access to a user area, “My primoscrib”, in real time, 24 hours a day, via any type of internet connection.

Instead of using email, you can view, download and upload your documents in a secured area on our server using a password.

Advantages for our clients and primoscrib:

  • Improved communication
    • Our user area, “My primoscrib,” is an effective tool for our clients, partners and service providers, enabling them to access, share and publish any type of document regardless of the size and over any internet connection. This eliminates problems related to receiving or sending documents via email.
    • Information is available to our correspondents 24 hours a day and around the world.
  • Optimization of project costs
    • Our system improves productivity by eliminating the risk of losing data or failing to meet delivery deadlines, which can occur when sending or receiving information via email.
    • We can centralize and manage different versions of the files that are exchanged in order to improve how the information is organized and reduce the amount of storage needed.
  • Secure exchanges
    • Protect files against the risk of viruses and computer crashes.